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The EMBCOL Practice Committee has selected Dr. Elieser Girsh as Embryologist of the Month of December 2018.  Please click on his name to view
full profile.
In addition to profiling individual Embryologists, EMBCOL begins to profile IVF clinics which are proactive in giving full credit to Embryology Practitioner's contributions to the overall success of Assisted Reproductive Technology. The College selected the first clinic to be profiled for the Month of December 2018, Poma Fertility, Kirkland, WA 98034, USA."  
With the New Year just around the corner please make sure to renew your EMBCOL membership, which includes a free subscription to RBMOnline (regular price $526). This is only one of many benefits of EMBCOL membership.  
The blastocyst biopsy is now a part of routine Embryology. We would like to hear your opinion about this procedure. Please take a few minutes to answer survey questions.  It has only 4 questions.  This survey results will be made available to all subscribers in January, 2019. 
We are now accepting nominations for the Embryologist of the Year 2018! Please email your nominations at: on or before December 15, 2018.
With CRISPR technology in the public spotlight, it is the time to review the molecular biology behind it with the co-founder, Jennifer Doudna, PhD 
The EMBCOL Practice Committee looked into the difficulties of interpreting grading of embryos received from other embryology facility. Please use this survey to provide your feedback to the proposed EMBCOL classification on or before Dec 15, 2018. 
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